This project started as a spin-off when writing a master thesis. When searching on the web for a nice and simple web application for plotting in figures into a diagram to show the result from experiments, there were none to be found. Perhaps the search technique was to lousy, but the only thing that was found was complicated applications to download and install on the computer, and they were not for free. No free and simple, but still usefull, web applications. The only web application that was found was for kids and required one to pre-assigne the figures in tables, and a bunch of other configuration before any result was shown. None of this was god enough.

So, time was allocated to solve this, at the expense of the master thesis, which now is completed(at last). It starded out to be a help in the thesis, but evolved to be an own project with big visions.

The initial objectiv was to create an application were you can set upp a diagram, initialise values to the axis's, give labels to things and to plot graphs and to edit them. This is where it stands at this moment. Future features is to save and print the created diagrams and graphs. But this in not yet developed. As this is a free project done i spare time, there is no deadline for these features.